SHOW TITLE: Christianity Explored

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Adrenalin Pictures

ROLE: Camera Operator

For Christianity Explored we filmed two feature length series. The first series was called ‘SOUL’ and is about life-changing journeys through ‘Mark’s Gospel’ exploring the Bible’s answers to the ‘big questions of life’ spread over seven interactive sessions. In the second series, viewers explored more about the life of Jesus Christ – ‘the person at the heart of the Christian faith’.

I was a camera operator for Christianity Explored, filming with a Sony PDW-F800 and working closely with DOP Mark Langton who was shooting on a Canon DSLR 5DM2.

Most of the filming was with actors ‘looking down the lens’. As there was heavy dialogue throughout, the use of an auto clue was needed. For most of the locations the filming crew was kept to a minimum only consisting of a director, DOP, camera operator, sound recordist, runner, set designer, make-up artist and production manager.

Filming was done in a sound studio for the first 2 weeks and then on location around the UK for the remainder. We filmed in a variety of places including abandoned circus tents, disused buildings, submarines, aircraft hangers, beaches, cinemas, cathedrals, race tracks and on hot air balloons and aeroplanes – just to name a few.

Camera Operator
Attention to detail and accuracy
Rigging and de-rigging
Following instructions from the DOP
Lighting scenes
Thinking editorially
Multi skilled